PEF Technology – Pulsed Electric Fields

Through the development of proprietary architecture, it stabilizes wine using pulsed electric fields to improve its quality: a true revolution.

Let’s explore together the 5 reasons that make pulsed electric field technology the ideal choice for wine producers.

The world of oenology is buzzing with the introduction of PEF (Pulsed Electric Fields) technology, which is revolutionizing the industry and promises to significantly improve wine quality in a surprising way.
Among the most cutting-edge solutions on the market, this technology stands out as a benchmark for wine producers and enthusiasts alike.

Experts talk about it with enthusiasm, and we have identified five reasons to choose PEF technology:

Improvement of wine quality.

Thanks to the development of its own application architecture of PEF technology, it allows for more efficient extraction of phenolic compounds, aromas, and nutrients present in grapes. This results in a richer, more balanced, and superior quality wine compared to traditional methods.

Reduction of production time

Our application architecture significantly reduces the time required for maceration, fermentation, and aging of wine. Producers can speed up the production process without sacrificing the final quality of the wine.

Environmental sustainability

PEF technology helps to reduce the environmental impact of wine production. The use of pulsed electric fields indeed allows for the reduction of chemicals and energy use during winemaking, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly wine industry.

Versatility of installation and ease of use

Designed to be easy to install due to its compact size, it is easily integrable and adaptable to different production needs.
Moreover, the customization of treatment parameters is a significant advantage that allows producers to apply the perfect solution for their wine.

Increased competitiveness

Adopting the proprietary architecture of PEF technology allows wine producers to differentiate themselves from the competition, offering superior quality products, meeting the demands of a market increasingly focused on sustainability and innovation.


An innovative solution that combines the advantages of PEF technology with a cutting-edge device, ideal for wine producers who wish to invest in the future of their winery.

With its ability to improve wine quality, optimize polyphenol extraction, promote environmental sustainability, offer ease of use, and increase competitiveness, it stands as an indispensable ally for operators in the wine industry.

Testimonials from experts and producers who have already adopted PEF technology are enthusiastic, a sign that this innovation is truly changing the way wine is produced. Moreover, an increasing number of consumers are recognizing the benefits of wine obtained through sustainable and technologically advanced processes, choosing to reward companies that invest in sustainable solutions.

Thanks to its application architecture of PEF technology, it not only offers tangible benefits to wine producers but also helps to elevate the entire wine industry to a new level of excellence, an essential characteristic for improving the entire production chain.

This technological revolution represents a unique opportunity for wine producers to adopt innovative and sustainable methods that guarantee a superior quality product and reduced environmental impact.

In a world increasingly focused on innovation and sustainability, PEF technology is confirmed as the right choice for wineries that want to look to the future with optimism and ambition.

Adopting this technology is an important step towards creating a more sustainable, competitive, and quality wine industry, capable of meeting the expectations of an increasingly demanding and aware public.

The time has come to embrace change and ride the wave of innovation: choosing PEF technology means investing in a better future for the wine industry and our planet.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this revolution and leave an indelible mark in the history of wine and the way it is produced.

If you are a wine producer or part of the production chain, you cannot afford to overlook its use to enhance quality. Trust in Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology and discover how your wine can become even more prestigious and appreciated.

Used in the winery to improve the extraction of polyphenols during maceration, thereby producing a wine with a greater presence of aromas, without altering the temperature of the must or introducing foreign elements, thanks to the permeabilization of the grape cell membranes.
PEF technology also acts on the microorganisms present in the wine, stabilizing them and thus reducing the microbial load without altering its natural balance.

In this way, the use of sulfites is drastically reduced, promoting the production of a healthier and more authentic wine.

The PEF system has been successfully tested on various grape varieties, showing a significant increase in polyphenol extraction and enhanced protection from oxidation.

Rely on this technology to achieve a wine with an intense taste and natural protection.