ExtraH2O – The Future of Water Efficiency in the Agromechanical Sector

Discover how ExtraH2O can improve the productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of your farming operations.

The world of agriculture is constantly evolving. With the pressure to produce more food in a more sustainable way, agricultural mechanization plays a crucial role in supporting farming businesses, helping them optimize their production and conserve resources. Among the numerous challenges that agro-mechanical companies must face, efficient water use is one of the most important.

ExtraH2O… the solution.

ExtraH2O is an innovative device designed to preserve a wide range of hydronic circuits for water intended for technical and technological purposes, preventing both bacterial proliferation and the accumulation of limestone scales.

Thanks to the emission of a high-frequency variable electric field, ExtraH2O induces two significant effects: on one hand, it prevents the precipitation of calcium carbonate in the crystalline form of Calcite, instead favoring its permanence in an amorphous and more water-soluble form; on the other hand, it promotes the formation of Aragonite nano-crystals that, due to their structure, do not aggregate into scales, but rather are carried away by the water flow.

Why is ExtraH2O Important for Agro-Mechanical Companies?

The implementation of ExtraH2O can lead to a series of benefits for agro-mechanical companies:

1. Water Efficiency
ExtraH2O improves the efficiency of irrigation systems, resulting in water savings and lower operational costs.

2. Equipment Maintenance
Limestone buildup is one of the most costly issues in the maintenance of agricultural equipment. These deposits can lead to mechanical failures, reduce operational efficiency, and shorten the equipment’s lifespan. ExtraH2O solves this problem at its root, preventing the formation of limestone and keeping equipment in excellent condition for a longer period of time. This results in a significant reduction in maintenance and equipment replacement costs.

3. Plant Health
By preventing bacterial proliferation, ExtraH2O can help maintain the quality of the water used for irrigation, leading to healthier plants and higher yields.

4. Sustainability
ExtraH2O provides an eco-friendly approach to water management, contributing to the adoption of more sustainable practices and reducing the environmental impact of agro-mechanical companies.

Agro-mechanical companies can effectively tackle the challenge of water management by relying on the patented technology of ExtraH2O.

This innovative technology offers the possibility of improving the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of agricultural operations. This is particularly important in a world where water resources are becoming increasingly valuable and where the pressure to produce more sustainably is growing.

By integrating ExtraH2O into their processes, agro-mechanical companies can not only improve their efficiency and productivity but also actively contribute to environmental protection. In this way, they will not only benefit from reduced operating costs, but they will also position themselves as leaders in the agricultural sector in terms of sustainability and responsible resource management.

We therefore invite all agro-mechanical companies to consider adopting ExtraH2O. It is not only a smart economic choice but also an investment in the future of our planet.

For more information on ExtraH2O and how it can benefit your company, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can make agriculture more efficient, productive, and sustainable.