ExtraH2O in the healthcare sector: revolutionizing hygiene and safety through technology

ExtraH2O and the healthcare sector: a synergy for hygiene and safety

The PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) technology, or “pulsed electric field”, has revolutionized water and food treatment. Today, thanks to the intervention of Extraus, this innovation has reached a new level of efficiency with ExtraH2O, an electronic device that uses PEF technology for water treatment with significant benefits for the healthcare sector.

The use of PEF technology, predominantly in the food industry, aims to decrease the presence of microorganisms in food. ExtraH2O has perfected this technology, extending its application to water, achieving a dual result: the conversion of calcite into aragonite, which is a non-scaling variant of calcium carbonate, and the reduction of microbial load in the water.

In the healthcare context, ExtraH2O offers a wide range of applications

Hospitals, medical clinics, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities, psychiatric facilities, nursing homes and care homes, dental offices, clinical analysis laboratories, blood donation centers, and pharmacies are just some of the potential sectors where the device could be applied.

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Nursing Homes and Care Homes
  • Dental Offices
  • Clinical Analysis Laboratories
  • Pharmacies

In these sectors, ExtraH2O can provide high-quality water. Moreover, for facilities requiring high hygiene standards, such as hospitals and nursing homes, the use of ExtraH2O can be a key element in preventing the indiscriminate spread of bacteria, naturally correlated to feasibility tests to be carried out on the already present water.

The antibacterial action of ExtraH2O

The antibacterial action of ExtraH2O represents another fundamental aspect for the healthcare sector. The continuous electrical pulsation produced by the device allows for the reduction of bacterial and microorganism proliferation. This can have a significant impact on controlling the spread of bacteria in various health contexts, including hospitals, nursing homes, clinical analysis laboratories, and pharmacies.

Furthermore, the generation of aragonite not only cleans pipes from limestone deposits but also reduces the risk of bacterial growth and proliferation. This makes ExtraH2O a highly effective water treatment solution for ensuring hygiene and safety in healthcare facilities.

The anti-scaling action of ExtraH2O

The anti-scaling treatment of ExtraH2O has numerous advantages in the healthcare sector. Operating without chemical additives, salts, or maintenance, the device is capable of preventing the formation of lime scale effectively and consistently over time. The result is a significant improvement in water quality, reducing maintenance interventions and plant downtime.

Moreover, ExtraH2O has a positive impact on energy efficiency, as the reduction of lime scale prevents the inefficiency of heat exchange. This is particularly relevant in contexts such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and laboratories, where the efficiency of equipment and heating and cooling systems is fundamental.

The effect of ExtraH2O is not limited to prevention: the device can also clean existing lime scale deposits thanks to the generation of aragonite, which has a “scrubber” effect, i.e., it cleans residues deposited in pipelines that have been in operation for several years.

In the era of technology and innovation, the healthcare industry is facing a series of unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

Among these, one of the most fundamental concerns water treatment, a crucial aspect that impacts not only the quality of healthcare but also public health in general. In this regard, Extraus, a brand committed to innovating the world of water and liquids with a sustainable and green approach, has developed ExtraH2O, a revolutionary electronic device with antibacterial and anti-scaling functions.

ExtraH2O uses PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) technology, a high-intensity pulsed electric field, which transforms calcium carbonate into aragonite, a non-scaling form of calcium carbonate. This transformation prevents the formation of lime scale deposits in water systems, reducing the need for chemical additives and prolonging the lifespan of appliances that use water. A crucial point to note is that ExtraH2O performs this process without altering the chemical and organic characteristics of the water, ensuring the safety and quality of the treated water.

ExtraH2O represents a cutting-edge solution for water treatment in the healthcare sector.

Its dual effect – anti-scaling and antibacterial – ensures high-quality water, promoting hygiene, safety, and energy efficiency in healthcare facilities. This device is an excellent example of how technology can support and improve patient care and well-being.