ExtraH2O Advantages

The cheapest, simplest, quickest to install patented water treatment system , truly in favor of the environment thanks to energy and water savings.

Well-being for the planet and for our health, it converts limestone and purifies water without depriving it of mineral salts, essential for our body.

ExtraH20 also boasts the patent granted by the Ministry of Economic Development, dedicated to the treatment of water for food and domestic use.

© ExtraH2O is Patented

All typical electronic water treatment systems do not have electrodes and filters immersed directly in the electric field, therefore, the water that comes out is not sanitized. Furthermore, these components become areas for the multiplication of moulds, algae and bacteria. On the contrary, as described by the rapporto ENEA report on Pulsed Electric Fields Treatment, ExtraH20 also generates “microbial inactivation”.

All electronic water treatment systems use low intensity electric fields. ExtraH2O, on the other hand, uses a very high frequency which manages to have a unique efficiency and to convert much more water than any other appliance.

This is possible thanks to the enormous number of points of electron concentration both of the anode and of the cathode, and to the prolongation of the residence time of the water inside the barrel, due to the coanda effect.

Furthermore, hyperionization makes the chlorine molecule unstable, accelerating its release, by evaporation, from the water after it has been taken from the tap, thus improving its organoleptic quality.

ExtraH2O can be easily assembled modularly, in parallel to multi-user applications (condominiums), or, in series, to treat water with very high hardness.

The erosive power of limestone converted into aragonite performs a scraping action on all parts of household appliances and boiler exchangers. Furthermore, the purest water we drink or use for cooking promotes the production of serotonin which, in addition to the hypotensive effect, has a positive effect on concentration and mood.

ExtraH2O is a solution that does not forcefully bind the user to the manufacturer, through very long, expensive and demanding contracts, and is devoid of the relative and useless scheduled maintenance.

The ExtraH2O technology is also applicable industrially, to the treatment of water, intended for bottling, to that supplied by municipal houses and to public mains water.

Unique for the materials with which it is made, 18/10 stainless steel for the electrodes and tritan copolymer for the barrel. In addition to numerous certifications, it boasts the certificate from the Milan Polytechnic, which certifies that:

the limestone, crystallized in aragonite, at high temperatures (max 65°c), does not regress nor tends to agglomerate in incrustations as, however, occurs in all electronic systems with low electric field intensity.

Aragonite has a positive effect on agitation and hypersensitivity, calms inflammation of the muscles, eyes, brain, acting positively on mood. It also regulates the metabolism by also stimulating muscle activity.