ExtraH2O – Applications


Drinking water treatment
Industrial water treatment
Wastewater treatment
Agricultural process water treatment


Destroys bacterial and microorganism proliferation in technical and potable water
Eliminates aggregation of calcium and magnesium salts, reducing scale formation
Reduces water density, making it more fluid
Accelerates chlorine evaporation

These are the tests that demonstrate the transformation with ExtraH2O

Whole water
The transformation of scale into a talcum powder-like substance, which does not stick and no longer forms annoying and costly scale deposits on coils, pipes, and requires efforts to remove the stains that form on sinks, etc.

However, be careful, it does not modify the amount of dissolved minerals in the water.
For example, if you evaporate all the water… by keeping the pot on the fire, you will find aggregates (which may seem like scale at first glance) but are actually chemico-physical compounds of the minerals that the water itself contains, such as Manganese, Bismuth, Magnesium, etc.

These cannot be physically transformed, and so… however many there were before, there will be just as many after, only micronized.

So if you boil all the water, it will become encrusted. The right test is to evaporate 3/4 of the water and then check for the powder or not.

The resulting water, in addition to being micronized, has an excellent taste and a great ability to dilute food and consequently improve the intake of substances in the body, as well as the expulsion of negative ones.

In fact, it improves many physical and psychological functions, including depression.

ExtraH2O – loves Limestone

The chemical elements that we can find in fresh water are divided into macroelements and microelements.

Both are essential for the metabolic processes of the human body and therefore their contribution with food or drink is necessary.

In the case of water, these elements are present in the form of salts, ions and to a lesser extent as organic compounds.

ExtraH2O – loves Calcium

Present in our body as phosphates and carbonates.

Almost all of it is distributed in the skeleton with the function of bone tissue formation, while the remainder is distributed in the plasma, muscles and nervous tissue with the functions of blood coagulation, muscle and nervous excitability.

Applications and Benefits

ExtraH2O transforms limescale

  • ExtraH2O transforms calcium carbonate into aragonite, preventing limescale deposits and maintaining the water’s characteristics unchanged.
  • There is no need to use salt softeners or chemical treatments, because ExtraH2O uses a physical process.
  • The only recommended maintenance is the annual replacement of the cartridge.