ExtraH2O Integral water

Transforms limestone into aragonite in tap water, the best and safest to drink…

Drink your own tap water, ditch the purchase of bottled mineral waters

ExtraH2O is the first and only electronic device for the treatment of drinking water for civil and industrial use, with antiscalant and antibacterial function.
Drinking waters and mineral waters are rich in calcium in bioavailable form and contribute to our daily needs.

Maintenance-free ExtraH2O

It is a simple solution that does not require specific maintenance or checks by specialized personnel.

ExtraH2O loves limestone

It is a modular device designed and developed for the treatment of drinking water for civil and industrial use with an anti-scaling function.

ExtraH2O is easy to install

It consists of an electronic control unit and a replaceable twisted-wire mechanical filter, occupies a very small space and is installed downstream of the water supply meters.

It can be used both in a single residential unit or condominium with a single meter, and in an industrial setting.

It reduces energy consumption and saves money

ExtraH2O creates a high-frequency electric field in the water that passes through the filter, stimulating the transformation of the aggregated calcium carbonate as calcite (encrusting precipitate) into aragonite microcrystals (non-encrusting suspension).Once the device is installed, limescale deposits no longer form in the water , while the aragonite micro-crystals that pass through the encrusted pipes create an erosive action which helps the pipes to be restored.While with chemical agents you can treat limestone, but by adding elements to the water, withExtraH2Othe formation of limescale deposits is prevented by acting exclusively with a physical process.With ExtraH2O no product is added and the chemical composition of the water is not altered.

ExtraH2O is governed and monitored by a microprocessor unit which regulates all its functions in real time, allowing for considerable energy savings.

Limestone tends to settle in the hottest points of water flow (resistors and coils) and insulates them thermally. In order to function, the system thus blocked by limestone needs more energy and therefore consumes and costs much more.

Very important is the statistic, according to which, over 80% of breakdowns and, of the greater energy consumption, of household appliances, boilers, water heaters, etc. it is the result of limescale encrustations which force you to carry out periodic repairs or descaling which accelerate wear and tear, and therefore their duration.

The water will come out of the taps more easily. The coils of washing machines and dishwashers will no longer break. You can put tap water in the coffee machine, kettles and boilers of irons. Thus drastically reducing the amount of chemical products such as detergents, limescale removers, fabric softeners, dishwasher cleaners, and it will no longer be necessary to buy other additives such as rinse aids, salts.

It protects boilers and boilers from encrustations, optimizing efficiency and reducing maintenance costs

Eliminates encrustations in showers, taps, tubs, toilets. Makes hair softer, eliminates the use of polluting anti-limescale chemicals.

It keeps coils and pipes clean, preventing the formation of limescale.

It reduces the use of polluting anti-limescale chemicals and the use of detergents and other additives such as rinse aids, salts and anti-limescale products.