ExtraH2O patented

Electronic device

ExtraH2O is a patented electronic device for the treatment of drinking water for civil and industrial use, with an antiscaling function. The installation takes place downstream of the water supply meters, with the interposition of a replaceable cartridge mechanical filter.

ExtraH2O is governed and monitored by a microprocessor unit which regulates all its functions in real time, allowing for considerable energy savings.

•    F = Water hardness in French degrees measured every 2 seconds (F = 10 – 60)
•    P = Extracal H2O power (P = 85 – 500)

It is necessary, especially in domestic systems, to rely on a simple solution that does not require maintenance or control by specialized personnel.

ExtraH2O is suitable for the treatment of drinking water.

When the water is treated and heated, the salts are not deposited on the heated surfaces in a hard and compact form. With this procedure the water is not softened; the crystalline structure of the salts is modified and the precipitation takes place in the form of individual particles in suspension.

These particles are transported by the water in a pressure circuit, or drained if in a closed circuit. Due to the effect of erosion, the previously deposited limestone is also removed.

ExtraH2O transforms limestone into aragonite, improves its characteristics becoming particularly beneficial for our health and well-being

Through this sublimation, implemented through a greater coordination of calcium, the limestone will be distributed uniformly on the parts with which it comes into contact, avoiding the formation of plaques.

ExtraH2O eliminates encrustations in showers, taps, tubs, toilets. Eliminates the use of polluting anti-limescale chemicals.