Waiver for the use of the ExtraH2O device Extraus SA, the holder of the patented ExtraH2O device, wishes to clarify and emphasize the following regarding the use of the aforementioned device and the information provided by the company:
1. The information and content related to water treatment using the ExtraH2O device, found on the website www.extraus.it, in print materials, newsletters, and all company communications, should be understood exclusively as advice and suggestions based on laboratory usage experience and must be considered as such.
2. These guidelines are not intended and should not in any way be interpreted as exhaustive in relation to the quality of drinking water, its availability, and the guarantee of its quality, which are clearly the responsibility of the officially appointed authorities.
Furthermore, we clarify that the responsibility for health information belongs exclusively to national entities, such as the Ministry of Health, and international entities, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), as they are the only entitled entities.
3. Extraus SA reiterates that the ExtraH2O device is not a medical device and that the information provided by the company does not replace the instructions of the competent authorities mentioned above, which must be consulted in case of any legitimate doubt about the quality of the water supplied.
4. Extraus SA specifies that the presence of any bacteria, microorganisms, and organic substances such as algae and molds (which its products might eliminate) in drinking water is never to be considered the responsibility of the entities in charge of drinking water distribution, but rather due to other random factors. Moreover, Extraus SA does not consider drinking water supplied by the responsible entities to be potentially harmful to human health in any way.
In consideration of the above, the user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Extraus SA from any legal dispute, claim, damage, loss, liability, cost, or expense, including, without limitation, attorney fees and legal expenses, arising from or related to:
4.1 improper use of the ExtraH2O device
4.2 failure to consult the competent authorities before undertaking any action based on the information provided by Extraus SA
4.3 any behavior or practice resulting from or connected to the evaluations expressed in Extraus SA communications.
The user acknowledges and agrees that the use of the ExtraH2O device and the information provided by Extraus SA is at their sole risk and that Extraus assumes no responsibility for any consequences arising from improper use of the device.